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Non hazardous treatment

At Wasp Control Guys, we employ only the use of non hazardous treatment in the extermination of wasps. We adhere to all the rules and guidelines for effective removal of the wasps without endangering the lives of the occupants of the house or of those people living nearby. It is also comforting to observe that the methods and the treatment we administer are all environmentally friendly and will never cause any negative effects. Contact us on 888-229-8857 to learn more about our wasp treatment and how they can help get rid of these evil insects.


All works are fully guaranteed

All wasp pet control services offered by Wasp Control Guys are fully guaranteed. As professionals in the wasp and pet removal industry, we take responsibility of all our actions and we guarantee that we will carry out the wasp removal process without causing the insects any aggression which might make them attack people. We are also keen on the quality of our removal services as we strive at all times to completely exterminate the wasps without any possibility of them coming back again. In addition to this, we will offer advice on the best course of action to ensure that your premises stay safe from future infestations.


Service satisfaction guaranteed

Our wasp exterminator understands the immense importance of customer satisfaction when it comes to the removal of wasps from homes. Wasps are very dangerous and irritating insects and once removed, the client doesnt expect them to come back again. In this regard therefore, we offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantees where will offer full refund to any money paid to us should we conduct extermination and the wasps refuse to go away.

Customers can reach us on 888-229-8857 for more information.

Wasp removal from walls and roofs

One of the most places that are usually infested by wasps are the walls and the roof voids of buildings. Whereas it might be tempting to try and remove the wasps by yourself, you need to be aware of the grave danger you will be exposing yourself and those around you to when you aggress the wasps. This is why you need professional wasp removal services to help you get rid of all the wasps from the wall and the roofs. We have qualified technicians who will ensure the safe removal of all the wasps without causing any aggression to them. Give us a call today at 888-229-8857 if you want non aggressive removal of wasps from your walls and roofs.

Removal of wasp nests from the gardens

The garden is another area that is likely to get infested with wasps. They can easily make their nests in the tree branches, beneath the leaves or probably on concealed areas in the ground. It becomes a bit of a challenge to locate all the nests and the hornets unless you know what you are looking for. At Wasp Control Guys, we have the skills, experience and the expertise to locate all the wasp habitats in the garden and conduct a safe, efficient and eco friendly removal. Contact us today at 888-229-8857 for a comprehensive survey of your garden for wasps and a consequent safe extermination.

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